Road Clean-Up

Taylor’s Road Clean-Up Outreach

Colonial Hills Baptist Church has the privilege to serve in the Taylors community by picking up trash along Taylors Road which runs directly in front of the church.  We have adopted this road through a Greenville County program called “Adopt-A-Road”. Four times per year, we volunteer to pick-up trash.

The Purpose of the Outreach:  

  1. To glorify our heavenly Father by how we serve Him and our community
  2. To serve our Taylors community by picking up trash on Taylors Road
  3. To be a part of our local Taylors community
  4. To show we care about our area
  5. To be good testimonies to the Taylors community by being good stewards of our environment, thus allowing us to make in-roads into our community with the Gospel
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